In a Nutshell - Incense Cedar Pods

Sometimes I just can't decide.

Late last summer I sat on the deck in the corner of my backyard and examineed the interesting pods that rained down on it from our Incense Cedar tree. I had never seen pod shaped cones like those before. I liked the way they fanned and separated as they began to open and release their seeds.

Enjoying the sunshine on the deck I arranged them with other bits and pieces I found nearby, a small half shell from the bark around the deck, the husk of a pink peppercorn from my lunch, and began to take pictures.

So many turned out well. Finally I chose some favorites and made some adjustments. I tried a number of different filters and liked the results. I just can't decide which I like the best.

Can you?

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Theresa said...


I like the first one. It has much more depth..