In a Nutshell - Incense Cedar Pods

Sometimes I just can't decide.

Late last summer I sat on the deck in the corner of my backyard and examineed the interesting pods that rained down on it from our Incense Cedar tree. I had never seen pod shaped cones like those before. I liked the way they fanned and separated as they began to open and release their seeds.

Enjoying the sunshine on the deck I arranged them with other bits and pieces I found nearby, a small half shell from the bark around the deck, the husk of a pink peppercorn from my lunch, and began to take pictures.

So many turned out well. Finally I chose some favorites and made some adjustments. I tried a number of different filters and liked the results. I just can't decide which I like the best.

Can you?

Tiny Mushroom

Searching for treasures one afternoon I came across this tiny mushroom among the brown needles, twigs and leaves gathered beneath a tall old tree. In the midst of the debris it stood, blending yet standing proud, alone, apart.

I tried to capture the surprise, the sense that it was a rather unique and exquisite piece of my afternoon's small adventure.

In this treatment of the image the mushroom rises prominently in the foreground. A small dry leaf arches above its form and tiny twigs stretch well above its slight canopy. In the background the color and brightness of spring is evident but softly blurred deferring to the clarity of the dry brown details that welcomed this small wonder into being.

A simple filter and a little extra saturation gave the image a soft polish and a modest intensity to reflect the gentle care with which I hope to add it to my collection of simple treasures.