Searching for the Sun

One of the most wonderful things about pixography is that you can travel with a small camera, capture images almost anywhere, then later, in the digital darkroom, transform those images into something that reflects what you saw in the moment.

Take this flower for example. It is a beauty. I found it in a cafe in Victoria, BC where I had stopped in with my family for a late breakfast. A beautiful day was unfolding when we followed our direction to The Heron Rock Bistro. At our booth in a dark corner in the back, nestled in a small glass vase, was this single flower.

After we ordered I passed the time making plans for the day and snapping images of this bold blossom resting casually in the simple vase. The table was slate gray, the wall was gray and a downlight shone brightly on the luscious curve of the flower's petals. I captured it from different angles as we waited.

Later, when I downloaded the images, this one stood out. There were shadows that offered depth and dimension and the contrast lent itself to mystery in the leaves arching upward in the background. The curve of the stem and the distortion of the clear glass of the vase subtly ground the flower and add personality.

I emphasized these features by boosting the contrast and saturation. The simple lines benefit from contouring and the texture of the flower itself, the center eye and outstretched petals, are amplified by an artistic filter. The result is a gorgeous portrait of a single blossom open, outstretched and searching for the sun.


Jeff said...

Nice image! I especially like the texture you have achieved. The combinations of color, light, shadow, and focal length combine to create an image that looks as if it could be touched and felt with the hand. It really is a unique and welcoming presentation.

Theresa said...

I can't comment on texture, etc., but this is truly a favorite of mine, I may have to order it.