Not long ago I founds myself on a sidewalk in Seattle, waiting. We had plans to eat at Village Sushi but arrived a few minutes before they opened. The rest of my party stood on the stairs, hands in pockets. I took out my camera and started taking pictures of the restaurant and then the street outside and finally an interesting little weedy clump of flowers growing between the sidewalk and the street.

In this small space were twigs and weeds, lavender and daisies. Barely tended they intertwined while contrasting and supporting each other. The varying shapes, colors and textures playfully interacted in a way that was energizing and delightful. I considered this eclectic arrangement and snapped pictures until the restaurant opened and I was called inside.

The images that resulted are interesting. If i were painting the same image I would change it in a number of ways. I would never include the spent lavender bud, the quirky little dried twig or the ragged leaves yet they do lend authenticity to the portrait and prove that beauty does not require perfect composition or unblemished subjects to sparkle and have value. Without the surprising serendipity of a moment waiting I might never have considered the inspiring interaction of the narrow spikey lavender leaves in silvered green with the wide variegated leaves below them as a fitting backdrop to this gorgeous late season blossom.

As it turned out this brief pause with my camera set the perfect stage for the dinner to come. Village Sushi offered a lovely blend of traditional Japanese emphasis on presentation and quality with a casual U District indifference to detail and protocol. The dishes we ordered were served simply as they became ready, in great variety and without great ceremony. It was an inspiring wait and a beautiful meal.


Theresa said...


Your images never fail to impress me. I love this one too.

Jeff said...

Personally, I am very impressed with your knowledge of flora and fauna! To me it is all just 'green stuff.' Visually though, I love that you captured this little scene and not only have preserved it, but enhanced it with your magical touch.