Apple Harvest

Apples. Beautiful news at this time of year, gracing produce stands and seasonal displays. Not only are they gorgeous to look at, in a wide variety of colors from lemony yellow to bright green to orange gold and dappled red, but they are so good to eat. At this time of year they are so crisp and fresh they snap as you bite into their lusciously tart sweetness.

There are so many ways to enjoy apples: fresh from the tree, baked into pies and crisps, cooked down into applesauce or apple butter, pressed into fresh cider. Hurled like the apples from the trees in "The Wizard of Oz" they make fair weapons, drenched in caramel they make sticky seasonal treats, polished and set on a teacher's desk they make a handsome offering, and piled in the window at the produce market they make an inviting subject to photograph.

These lovely, locally grown apples are a beautiful tribute to fall. Just a simple apple drenched in autumn sunlight can conjure up a thousand memories and associations. Filtered to smooth blemishes, add texture and introduce a dream-like quality, this image evokes the taste and smell of autumn along with the faces and personalities of times gone by. What a rich blessing in such a compact package!

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Jeff said...

What a "delicious" image! :-) You have such a nice touch. I like the composition, the colors, and the way your art plays with the light to allow one's imagination easier access to joining with you in your artistic playground.