Gruyères Passage

The town of Gruyères, Switzerland is stunning. Set in the foothills of the alps, idyllic landscapes frame this medieval town on every side. From the charming castle at the end of the main street there are many beautiful vistas to be savored. There are views of rolling hills, mountains, gardens, and a churchyard begging to be captured.

The town itself is also quite picturesque featuring quaint cobblestones, an abundance of flowers tumbling from planters and window boxes, cafè seating tumbling from small restaurants onto the cobbled pavement beyond and the hum of conversation, along with the sharp aroma of cheese, wafting on soft breezes in the sun drenched street.

And then there are the doors. In this pristine tourist town each seems to make a statement of its own. Like an accessory to a Catholic schoolgirl's uniform the doors speak volumes about the personality and character the owners hope to convey, in a language all their own. Every one is at least slightly different, distinct and carefully trimmed with significant embellishments. Flowers, plants, pets or decorative artwork adorn doorways that are carved, arched, anchored with exquisite wrought iron and festooned with ornamental hardware.

This image captured one of my favorites. I like the radical simplicity surrounding it, the way the sun highlights the steps beside it, the small window adding balance and framing the other side, the architectural punctuation and the mystery of what is inside.

I treated the image with a simple filter. It highlighted the separation of shadow and light as well as the details of the architecture and stonework. The result lets the door itself shine and invites me to consider what lies beyond.

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