November 1, 2009

Café du Grütli

Down the Escaliers du Marché from Notre Dame Cathedral in Lausanne, Switzerland, you will find Café du Grütli. It is a pleasant restaurant serving Swiss cuisine which one travel guide describes as a "venerable old tile-and darkwood brasserie in the heart of Old Town."

We found this restaurant in the twilight of our last evening in Lausanne. We wanted to eat like tourists tasting the fondue Switzerland is famous for. We were not disappointed. With the help of the waiter and the conversational crowd around us we had a wonderful meal in a charming atmosphere.

The atmosphere carried with us into the gathering darkness on the streets of the Old Town. As we left I captured this image. Just enough light falls from the indoor fixtures to illuminate the tables on the pavement outside and to offer a companionable glow to the setting.

This scene does not have enough light to make a good photograph. Details are lost and the setting remains dark in the image captured on my small camera. Yet by drawing out the shadows, turning up the color and flattening the details this image comes to life. Splashes of color convey the setting and the tone of the light emanating from the interior space sheds just enough illumination on the scene to suggest the casual elegance and conversational atmosphere of a warm evening under the hospitable awning of a European café.

1 comment:

Jeff said...

I like this image. I am not sure what you have done to the original if anything, but it has a quality of being on the edge of reality. Everything appears real enough, yet as I gaze at the image, I am confronted by the impression that I could be looking at a painting, or a stage set, or perhaps a window back to the 1920's. Nicely done!