House Spider

I don't know what it is with me and spiders exactly but I do seem to find quite a few opportunities to work with images of these interesting creatures.  Many of those images are of garden spiders. In the garden I tend to admire spiders, though I admit they make me a little uncomfortable.  

In the house it is another story.  That is my territory and spiders that make me uncomfortable inside usually have to go. But this little spider was so small and so well blended into it's surroundings that it hardly seemed threatening at all as it hung from a finely spun strand of web suspended from the ceiling.  I grabbed my camera and captured this image as the spider hung in midair.

The spider's delicate features were easily drawn out of the digital data in the image though it's pale form hardly seemed discernable to my eye alone. I was also able to draw a bit of color and contour from midair and the ceiling beyond.  Still the strand of web that held everything together remained invisible, a testament to the fine handiwork of this remarkable little creature.  

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Jeff said...

It almost looks like he is painting colors on the wall. :-)