Shower of Light

This image was an interesting one to work with. I captured it on a golden afternoon in California a few months ago. I liked the way the sun showered this beautiful iris and bathed it with light. I also liked the details in the petals of the iris. Still the iris lacked definition and the image lacked dramatic tension.

To compensate, I took the image apart and tried to highlight and define the iris while letting elements of the background fade and desaturate. As the background began to dissolve it took on the character of colors blurring in the rain and of raindrops glistening in the sunlight that often follows a spring shower. I was left with a new appreciation of the sunlight and the shower motif and the blinding beauty of spring.

In the end I'm not at all sure I got it right but I did have fun, and learned a thing or two, in the process of trying. In any case, this image of a spring sunshower makes me smile!


Dawning Inspiration said...

Hi Lisa, thanks for the visit and comment on my blog. I love this...and your blog. I'll be back!

Jeff said...

Very nice! I especially like the way the image seems infused with light, and the light in turn explodes into the iris. (Somewhat of an optical pun in that, isn't there?)