French Boats

Original photo by SD
A friend of mine captured this image when she was vacationing with her family in Paris. She shared it with me and I immediately wanted to work with it.  I loved the colors in the boat, the lush green of the banks of the river and the hint of international flair in the lines.  Still much of that was submerged in the realism of the original shot.

To bring out what I saw in the photo I brightened the image and contoured the line of the colors. By decreasing the bit depth I could feel the damp glow of the humidity and see the sunshine sparkle on the water in this picturesque image of an enchanting summer interlude abroad. 


Jeff said...

It is an interesting image, this one! There is a lot going on. I do think that the lounge chairs on the boat deck are calling to me.

Nic said...

Looks like a beautiful oil painting.