Here is another take on the image posted as "Cradled World." I used a neon filter to make the forceful elements of the image glow. This treatment sets the thorns or threads on fire while the subtle peaceful form of the pod lets its definition fade into the surroundings. 

It seems to me that this image is almost the antithesis of the one I posted earlier. It is uniquely dynamic and engaging.

Each piece of art we create is unique in time and space, in the aspect of its creator that is highlighted in its form.   While "Cradled World" radiates the patient stillness of nature's power to transform, "Formation" displays the energy of the process and the active engagement demanded by every state of change. 

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Jeff said...

Wow! I like this one a lot. From an artistic perspective it is more "eye catching" than "Cradled World." It seems to evoke a totally different response in me as well. I am not sure how to describe my reaction other than it gives me a sense of energy.