Shades of Spring

Not long ago I hiked the Cape Horn Loop Trail. It was a beautiful day and a wonderfully scenic hike. Not only were there broad vistas of the Columbia River Gorge to enjoy but along the trail, in the woods, there were also beautiful things to see. Dotted along the trail were lovely clumps of Trillium in shades from white to crimson.

I captured this image along the trail. These Trillium blossoms seemed particularly watchful stationed along the path. The background is bright with filtered sunlight and a glorious shade of spring green. The twigs radiate poetically from where the trillium keep watch.

To enhance the image I saturated the colors and highlighted the contrast between light and shadow. I like the lush feel of the final product.


Jeff said...

I like the visual balance that you have achieved here. A balance between space and non-space, light and dark, color and contrast. This is an extremely well composed and executed image.

noble pig said...

Beautiful photo.

Christi Krug said...

I love the colors that emerged in those petals! Shapes, too. Trilliums have a preciousness to them.