Light Through Redwoods

Last week we drove along the California coast and through Redwood National Park.  The sun shone brightly on the surf and through the towering trees.  The trees shaded the fragrant carpet of soft earth and the high canopy of leaves guided rivers of light that cascaded through the foliage.  It was beautifully atmospheric but difficult to capture in a single image.

I brought back hundreds of images but many missed what I sought to capture.  While many adjustments can be made to balance light and shadow or to add contrast to the degrees of shading, few captured the essence of the light falling through the high branches and the feeling of protected spaciousness beneath the towering redwoods. 

This was one of the images I liked the best.  The sunlight pierced the grove at an angle, highlighting the texture of the bark on the tree trunks and falling in patterns on a few moss covered branches. The light enters just above the center of the image, an image that does not reach the ground, suggesting the tremendous height of these giant trees. Brightening the image a bit to adjust for shadows and to define the creases in the texture of the bark, the focus is on the light and its persistent ability to enter the deepest recesses and reveal the rich wonder of this sheltered space.

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