Cradled World

I ran across this intriguing little briar in a garden just outside the old city walls in Murten, Switzerland.  It grew low, beneath beaming sunflowers and voluptuous roses, evading the attention of tourists seeking more glamorous sights and bees seeking more abundant blossoms.

Without bright colors or fragrant petals there was little about it to attract attention, in fact its thorny exterior web seemed to shun attention. And yet how beautiful this intricate little pod seemed to me.

I wondered at its form.  Its erratic webbed covering suggests a variety of associations.  It resembles a crown of thorns or the bars of a cell, yet more to the point, it seems like a makeshift cradle of a roughly woven nest. Inside it lies a rough round pod that must contain a precious seed, the hope for a fresh start in the coming spring.  The pod is marked with a cross and entrusted to the arms of this amazing earthly guardian, like an infant newly baptized and placed back in its mother's arms.

To capture the impression this fragile bristling pod left in my thoughts I embellished the contrast in the image and softened the color and texture of the lush background. The result features the many amazing details of this delightful little garden discovery. 

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Jeff said...

Looking at the world through your eyes is to see it anew. It is to rediscover the uncommon in the common. This picture is a perfect example of that trait.

Having just finished Lent, I was immediately struck by the "crown of thorns" analogy that you refer to. How like Christ standing before Pilate it looks.