Near the beach at Fort Bragg, CA I spotted several clusters of white Calla Lilies growing in a field and down the cliff. Enchanted, I stopped to enjoy the sight and take some photos.

The Calla Lily is one of my favorite flowers. Their form is simple, yet strong and elegant. And not only is the flower worthy of note but the deep green wave of its foliage is also visually appealing. As I admired the overall balance of the clusters I couldn't help but be impressed by the unique beauty of each individual flower stem. I came away with a collection of interesting snapshots.

This particular image features a pair of Calla Lilies. I found the relationship of their open blossoms intriguing. Like two open hearts casually curving into one line they struck me as particularly lovely in the way they support and contrast each other while gently resting in one visual form.

To bring the texture of the image into alignment with the form I increased the brightness and softened the detail. Then to clean up the background I found some leaves that echoed the curve of the lily's shape and arranged them in layers, highlighting the rich color and the contrasting edge.

The process involved was a little different than anything I've done before. I think the outcome is simply poetic.


Alanna Kellogg said...

Lovely, like a couple spooned together, connected but apart.

Christi Krug said...

So lovely and just a wee bit groovy - I can almost hear the music!

Jeff said...

This image is an award winner! Stunning in composition. Not only do the Calla Lillies look like hearts, but your artistic heart is on display here as well. Outstanding!