Reaching Toward the Light

This little flower ventures from it’s homely bulb pushed down into the earth one hopeful autumn day.

Months later, scarcely noticed and without fanfare, this harbinger of spring pushes up through a warm blanket of bark mulch as winter lingers in the air. Almost alone in the flowerbed so early in the season, it emerges, persistently becoming what it was created to be. 

One morning, as spring approaches, its colors shine in the chilly morning sunshine. In perfect symmetry its blossom stretches toward the light and extends its petals in a posture of prayer and praise.

My heart is full of thankfulness as I admire this little flower. I stretch myself from the warmth of my nest and venture out in the morning chill to capture this image.  

Studying its form I reflect on my own journey this Lenten season. It takes me from within my own dim world of warmth and comfort and asks me to look at a world of colors and forces beyond my control. On this journey of new awareness I strive to stay focused as I become more vulnerable to the world around me. I pray that I might always, with an attitude of thankfulness and praise, reach toward the light as I persistently become what I was created to be.


Jeff said...

Awesome picture, and a wonderful commentary! I love the imagery, the willingness to reach for the light, and even the sense of aloneness that your image infers. Like all leaders, this leader of springtime enjoys the solitude of being out in front, knowing full well that spring's explosion of life is not far behind.

Anonymous said...

Your picture gives me hope that the warm weather will come someday.