Pear Impressions

<I buy pears all winter, a few at a time. Lately there have been many different kinds at the market and they are all so beautiful. The curve of their side, the color of their delicate flesh, the expected and yet surprisingly lyrical asymmetry of their form, make them pleasing to look at, to draw or to study. Pears are such a lovely photogenic fruit, inside and out.

After choosing several different varieties from the market I bring them home and arrange them on my countertop and wait. In time they will begin to soften and grow perfectly ripe and juicy. The anticipation itself makes my tastebuds dance.  

While I wait I try to capture their beauty.  I want to learn from their simplicity. Three pears, slightly blemished and irregular in form, lie in such an interesting and natural way against each other. The interaction of curve and color, light and shadow, line and angle merge into a single relaxed image.   Flattened and contoured, the contrast of these three luscious pieces of colorful fruit becomes restful, almost peaceful, as they repose on a textured mat.

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Jeff said...

What a wonderful image! Certainly, if there were any imperfections as you talk about, you have repared them. I love the balance of form and color, and I am especially partial to such images with the dark background providing a framework for the main subject. Well done. I just have one question: Aren't three pare six?