I found this little four-leaf clover in a cache of costume jewelry at my aunt's house. It is broken, no longer bearing the pin part that once let it be worn. The decorative cloisonnĂ© of it's leaves is also chipped. It shows its age and has lost some if it's utility but it is still a handsome and significant piece, a small and interesting ornamental fragment, especially at this time of year. 

As I couldn't think of how to wear it I used it as a model this St. Patrick's Day. I captured this image as the sun broke from the sheltering clouds and shone across a gold colored table drape. I liked the substance it gave to the little clover pin, the depth of its shadows, the way the sunshine highlighted the superficial nicks and imperfections.

I brightened the original image a little. Then I filtered it and posterized the clover for definition, engaging the way the light brought shades from the color of the leaves and the way the chipped flecks gave a charming sort of sage patina to the piece. In fact, in this case I think it is the way the light enhances the flaws and inevitable consequences of age that adds interest and texture to the finished image.

I've read that each leaflet of a clover symbolizes something: the first faith, the second hope, the third love and the fourth luck. Perhaps finding this small curio will bring me a measure of good luck. Luck has certainly been with this old pin, at least in its ongoing ability to charm and endure. Though it is old, and in some ways broken, it wears its age nobly and is still treasured. May we all be so lucky!

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Jeff said...

One of the many things I especially like about your artwork is the subject matter you choose. Aside from elements like composition and color, your insights into the things that are memorable and special intrigue me. I find myself pondering the value of such things, and wondering if I should not pay more attention to the little things in life. Thank you!