Leaf Boat

Original photo by JE
A small bark once rested near the bank of a river. Grounded in a shallow spot it was neglected as the seasons turned and it shed its outer skin. The frame of its construction became exposed and was also worn down by the elements.

While it was worn it was also softened. In time it was gilded it in the manner of the northwest, with moss and lichens that clung to scarred ribs, giving it a patina like copper.

With its mellowing green luster this boat frame began to look like a leaf caught in the current and floating downstream. It blended with the brush on the shore and glistened against the gray currents around it. Humbled and broken, decayed and forgotten this small craft was transformed into an icon. It symbolizes the beauty of endurance.

Though the ground we stand on may flood with dark water and the currents of time strip us of our protective shell and all that we thought made us watertight and able to float, in the end we find that floating wasn't everything. To remain and respond and adapt, to yield without backing down or giving up, is to acquire a beauty that will always have value.

This original image was reduced in size and stripped of its detail. It was rather randomly adjusted and contoured. It was filtered and in the end brightened. What remains is an image I find meaningful and beautiful in its simplicity and fortitude.

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