The Calm of Morning

Original photo by JE
This image of the glassy reflection on the surface of calm water is a study in peace.  The shoreline gently and lyrically defines the curving boundaries of the water's reach.  The surface mirrors the dynamic nature of the changing clouds without disturbance.  The morning light gilds the low grasses and the trees softly punctuate the skyline.

The peaceful ambiance of this morning view is subtle.  The natural colors are muted and the details in the original image tend to distract the eye from the simplicity of the scene. 

 To highlight the peace I contoured the edges, lowered the bit depth and enhanced the hue definition. As a result the shape of the clouds are defined in the reflection as are the soft shapes of the trees and warm glow of the grasses. My eye rests at the center and yet is inevitably drawn toward whatever might lie ahead in the distance as I begin the day's journey. 

1 comment:

Jeff said...

As outstanding as the original image must have been, I applaud what you have done with it here. Very nice!