Caffé Colors

I love to stop and take a break from the day over a cup of good coffee. One of my favorite places to do that is Caffé Piccolo Paradiso in downtown Camas. The café is filled with interesting bits and pieces to spark a memory or a dream.

Light from the large front windows glows on the warmly textured patina of the sunshine colored walls. Italian dice are laid on the table with a backgammon game underneath a map of Italy. Used books line shelves on one wall and bottles of wine adorn another. There are tables at different heights and a variety of chairs to settle into from austere to upholstered. Conversation gently lingers in the air as the tables fill and empty with friends and customers coming and going.

I visit Caffé Piccolo Paradiso with my camera and a notepad. I never know for sure which will be the medium of choice until I am there. Today I ordered a Shot in the Dark with some tiny Italian cookies. The cookies made great subjects for my camera with the warm décor of the café for a backdrop. The three of them on a small plate made an interesting study in composition. I nudged their arrangement as I soaked in the atmosphere. After a while I sampled the cookies and enjoyed their crisp texture and soft filling. They offered just a note of sweetness to the dark roasted flavor of my drink.

The images I took away with me are a reminder of what feeds my creative spirit.

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Jeff said...

I for one am glad to see that your creative spirit is being nurtured again! "Caffé Colors" is a beautiful piece of work.