Bridge View

Original Photo by JE
The Astoria-Megler Bridge... again. This time the image was captured by a friend on a slightly brighter day than the one I spent in Astoria some time ago, studying the shape of my fears.

I like the angle of this image.  The bridge reaches out across the water in a rather straightforward way as it approaches the Washington shore.

In the distance the sky is composed of gentle shades of gray playfully arcing above the water, framing the line of the bridge and balancing it. 

I simplified the lines of this image and defined the shades of gray with a filter. Then I intensified the color to add distinction. The result is somewhat austere but resolute and hopeful too.  While the subject matter remains serious and functional the tone is brighter and more conversant than my previous impressions of this daunting structure. 


Nic said...

I like the depth you gave it, really interesting. The colours are mesmerising.

Anonymous said...

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