Balance Point

Original photo by TB.
A friend shared a photo with me, of sailboats against the Chicago skyline. Eager to work with it I made some adjustments that I hoped would highlight the light on the water and the singular beauty of the featured sailboat.

I adjusted the brightness and decreased the bit depth to enhance the sparkle of the waves. This softened the buildings in the skyline, leaving a whisper of their outlines. Infused with the same shades as the water, their hazy form receded as the backdrop to this sailboat riding on the brilliant sea.

I like a lot of things about this image. I like the way the sailboats in the foreground are dwarfed by the towers in the background. Still, they appear indifferent, shining white against the blue-green water, occupied by riding the ripples and waves that rise and fall beneath their hull.

I admire the form and function of the sailboat blending into the wind as it elegantly steers at a slight angle. I like the sense that it is at one with its direction, at peace with the tension between wind and water and that it seems focused on the angle of the wind and the gentle path its hull cuts through the rippling tide.

Often I feel my sails are set against the wind and I ride the ripples and waves of my life at the edge of capsizing. Still this image and its whisper of the hectic hazy construction of a modern city contrasting the peaceful blue-green of the larger sea, is an image of serenity. It highlights the precarious balance between the elements of life and the beauty of finding that balance point to steady your course.

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Theresa said...


Your ability to put into words, your feelings about a photo is uncanny. It is poetic. Thank you