Standard Time

On Nov. 1 we once again turned our clocks back one hour from daylight savings time to standard time. That always takes some getting used to. This week I am hungry at the wrong time, sleepy at the wrong time and am sad to see the darkness gathering before 5pm. With clocks on almost every electronic appliance these days the change requires a good bit of effort too.

At times like this I appreciate the simplicity of an analog timepiece. One simple understandable motion changes the time recorded there and provides a sense of the space in between. 

This image was taken of a man's watch with the macro mode of my camera.  One side of the dial was captured in keen focus while the rest of the watch face was fuzzy.   I wanted to enhance the simplicity of the image and highlight the tight focus.  For that effect I enhanced the contrast, found the edges and boosted the saturation.  The result is like a simple drawing of those wee hours when the time is changed as is the rhythm of our lives.

Note: Do you wonder why we change our clocks backward and forward during the course of a year?  Do you crave a simpler system? Check out

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