Garden Home

Late last summer the onions in my garden flowered.  First spears formed at the end of their stalks and then the spears burst into orbs covered in small white blossoms with a pungent fragrance.  

In the warmth of August I found these orbs enchanting.  Like a larger, prettier dandelion head the unusual blossoms had a sturdy character I admired.  Finally I cut one to bring into the house and study. 

On my way inside a small inhabitant emerged.  A delicate little garden spider climbed from the shadows beneath the flowers and gingerly walked around the outer petals.  What a wonderful house the little spider had found!

Imagining how amazing this geodesic blossom must be to such a tiny creature I had to smile. I felt a twinge of sadness as I carefully set him down in the bark dust before bringing the flower inside. 

I created this image of the tiny spider traversing the perimeter of the blossom with the hope of reflecting these simple thoughts.  I focused on the spider in his world and softened the background into a bright suggestion. The colors are simple, the details basic and still the delicate form of the spider remains, defined yet almost at one with his surroundings.

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