Framed Church

This Image was captured in Murten during a recent trip to Switzerland.  Murten is a small town with a rich history and a generous climate. It is situated on the shore of a beautiful lake in the midst of rolling hills, between vineyards and vegetable gardens. This town on the cusp of German and French speaking Switzerland harmoniously blends its medieval history, evidenced by the ramparts which still encircle the historic city, with its open tourist trade that brings visitors from around the world to experience the rich abundance of this region. 

As I walked the ramparts and looked down over the roofs of the town to the right and out on the rolling landscape to the left, I saw this church.  The steeple was framed by a cross shaped arrow loop, a defensive device in this fortified town wall.  Around it ivy was reaching through the opening, grasping the rocks, exerting the force of life and time and softening the frame of the church tower and the countryside beyond.  I was impressed by the scene and tried to capture the atmosphere of fresh growth on historic walls, faith framed by an arrow loop, tourists strolling along the ramparts, today and yesterday embraced and enmeshed in a mutually supportive alliance.

To bring out the quality  of the narrative I saw in the image I filtered it twice, once to simplify it and add an impressionistic quality and a second time to enrich the outline and highlight the contrast.  I also brightened the ivy to enhance the sense of new and tender life. The result is a souvenir of my journey and a summary of my impressions of this vibrant and fascinating town. 

Magic Circle

This summer I captured a number of images outside, late in the evening, in near darkness.  Predictably these images turned out to be grainy.  They meant something to me as I remembered the context in which they were taken but they were not much to look at on their own.

This is the type of image I have really enjoyed working with over the past few months. As I work with these pictures I am always surprised, and often quite delighted, by what I find there.  

This image captured a simple circle of chairs on a patio surrounding a fountain and illuminated by candlelight. In its original form it was dark and grainy and boring.  As I worked with it I found the edges and filtered the product then enhanced the colors that remained.  I thought the image I arrived at shared my appreciation of the warm candlelight and the dreamlike quality of late night conversation.