Bathed in Blue

Original photograph by GF
This image was captured at the top of Mt. St. Helens last summer. From the top of the mountain, as you look out over Spirit Lake, you can see Mt. Rainier clearly, one of the few other landmarks joining you in this lofty realm.

This view overlooks the landscape that was devastated when Mt. St. Helens erupted in 1980.  Now, bathed in blue, punctuated by the white of snow and glacier, occasionally steeped in steam from volcanic activity, this landscape of destruction is slowly emerging as a landscape of renewal.

Even as Mt. St. Helens once again slumbers, the view of this area continues to change. This image, enhanced by highlighting the simple colors and lines of the landscape, reflects a sense of hope and regeneration. 


This is a view of downtown Camas, Washington that highlights the pretty tree lined streets, entertainment at the Liberty Theater, and downtown merchants against the backdrop of a blue sky streaked by the smoke stacks of the local paper mill that was instrumental in founding this town along the Columbia River.

I captured this image on a sunny afternoon. To highlight the nostalgia and the small town hominess I softened the colors and added some contrast to the sky giving definition to the several elements that compose this image and the town itself. The lighter weight of line and color lends a hopeful forward looking tone to the scene that reflects my own filtered vision of the town.