Liberty Street Front - Black and White

Sometimes outlines can tell a story that color and shading get in the way of.

This version of the image featured in "Since 1927" highlights the details of the Liberty Theater and the gathering space in front, the umbrella over the outdoor table and the movie marquee, while letting the surrounding shades of this small town street fade into the background.

Which image do you prefer?

Since 1927

There is a lovely old movie theater in downtown Camas. It is situated on Fourth Street. It was built and first opened in 1927. In 1996 it was completely restored. The Liberty Theater adds character and a focal point to the small pedestrian friendly downtown area of Camas.

Looking up Fourth Street toward Natalia's and the Camas Public Library the sidewalk opens up in front of the Liberty. It is a gathering point, a place to meet friends, a landmark location.

This image captures the framework of that meeting place. The branches of the tree overarch the umbrella table and the Liberty's marquee. The old fashioned buildings, the soft sidewalk-front facades, and the blue sky beyond, punctuate the relaxed nostalgic atmosphere of this charming downtown scene.

A Path of Sand

Original Photo by JE
I follow a path of sand
shifting beneath my feet
soft and hot and incomplete.
I can’t see where it leads
beyond thornbushes and scrub
where wild seeds grow
and vagrant shadows play.
This is the only way
that still winds clear,
the only road between
despair and fear,
the only way of hope.
I push forward, moving on -
I can’t stand still,
releasing what I yearn for,
what I might possess,
yet exactly what that is,
I must confess,
I do not understand.
And so I walk on
Opening my hands.

A Touch of Color

This piece of cake, from a recipe called Chocolate Decadence, was a gorgeous model. I took quite a few photos of it and every one looked delicious.

What differed was the curve and symmetry of the whipped cream mounded on top and the angle of view on that tiny touch of color in the rosemary flower on top.

The rosemary flower adds a lively focal point to this image. When I intensified its color and took the detail out of the texture of the cake, the cake slipped into the background and the flower burst into the forefront. Through the adjustment of the shadows and highlights, the whipped cream offers structure and dimension that gives the image a nice line and features that soft touch of color in the tiny flower.

From Here to There

Original photo by GF
This photo was taken on a road in India.

I love the striking contrast between the jewel like color of the woman's garments as she humbly rides on the back of this motorcycle and that of her dusty surroundings.

India, it seems, is filled with such jewels and stark visual contrasts.