Swan Bridge

This is a scene from the plaza near the Imperial Palace in Tokyo. The bridge is called the Meganebashi because it resembles eyeglasses as it reflects in the water. The day I visited I captured this image with a swan swimming in one of the lenses.

This image captures a tranquil scene in the middle of Japan's bustling capital city. The stones offer a solid permanence and their texture beautifully offsets the lush green of the Japanese landscape and the dreamlike reflections in the jade green water.

Little Gnome

This little gnome stood beside the path of the Philosopher's Walk in Kyoto, Japan. On my way to the Silver Pavilion I met him by a step in a small garden. My camera was out of batteries so I borrowed my son's to capture his image.

The day was hot and the image I captured looked pale and dry. It lacked the whimsical spark I had seen in the gnome's habitat that afternoon.

To better match the image to the memory, I enhanced the color and simplified the lines in the original picture. I sharpened the outlines and cropped the edges close to the gnome himself and the flowers he seemed to be tending nearby.

I like the result, printed on art paper in a small size, edges torn, and mounted on a much larger mat. It is like looking through a peephole into this Japanese gnome's unique world.


I like the simple lines of this image. The balance of the arching heights, the slight distortion that simplifies the image and the cross rising high above it all to frame and center our perception of the rest.

This view of Zion was taken on a bright sunny day just as a building project began. Rather than focusing on the changes it focuses on the sky, the cross and what remains the same.

Leaf Shadow

This splendid autumn leaf came to rest on my back deck last fall.

The lines on the leaf and the brilliant color seemed to punctuate the rough texture of the deck in expectation of the bare winter months ahead.

This image once again reminds me of the stories the most simple composition can tell. To hear these stories we need only step outside our own back door..... and listen.

Bird on a Twig

Original photo by G Feather
This bird posed on the end of a branch overlooking an atmospheric green river in India. The lines of white in the shading of the rivers current offered the background an interesting texture. I used filtering tools to flatten the background image and enhance its randomly patterned design.

This background seems to highlight the simple line of the solitary perch the bird has chosen to linger on, and fades all other considerations from view. The focus rests on the rich and startling beauty of nature's treasures.


Acrylic on Canvas by Kerrin Feather
This beautiful painting was done by my daughter in her high school art class. It is hung with my pixograph of a rose, "Forgiven," in this month's exhibit at the Second Story Gallery in Camas, WA. Both pieces are quite expressive of the individual who created them and their unique perspective. I am very excited and proud to have my work displayed in tandem with my daughter's gorgeous painting.


That rose bathed in lamplight 
must be mine.
Where once it was so deeply fine
and tightly gathered,
now, it drops past center
loose and free
of what once was fiercely hoped 
that it might be.
Now it simply is.
Light and dark relax together,
settle, gathered on each petal,
comfortably cupped,
cradled, silvered and hushed,
no longer hidden,
yet bathed in gold soft light