River Boat

Original photo by Gary Feather
This is a classic scene from the riverfront in Paducah, Ky. Riverboats stop here to let their passengers explore the history and culture of the area in Paducah's wonderful museums and galleries.

Steamboats have been a part of American culture since the 1800's. They now remain active offering historic river cruises.

This image,of a nostalgic steamboat and a spot of deep southern shade reminds me of some of the most wonderful elements of summer.

Along the River

Original photo by Gary Feather
This image captures a view of the Ohio River over the floodwall in Paducah, Ky.

This view offers a perspective on several avenues of transportation that have served visitors to the area over the years. The wide avenue of the river is paralleled by train tracks where several old train cars sit and a roadway with automobiles parked alongside.

I enjoyed the symmetry as well as the testament to the passage of time that is captured in this image. The simple lines and bright tones add interest and draw the divergent elements into a unified whole.

Art Station

Original photograph by Gary Feather
This historic 1917 Texaco Station houses a Visitor's Information Center at the heart of Paducah's Lowertown Arts District. Here you can find out about Paducah's Artist Relocation Program. You can also get a map locating area galleries, cafes and shops.

This image highlights the bright colors and inviting nostalgic feel of the building in the late summer sunshine.

Purple Cow

Here is another bovine image I was able to find. This cow was also one we encountered when we traveled to Switzerland. This one seemed to have a more casual personality and I decided to express that through a new wardrobe. I added a bit of color to change its style and I think the resulting image makes for a fun portrait.

Brown Cow

Inspired by the thought of The Stranded Cow I looked through my archives for images of cows I have worked with. In my search I came across a few we met in Switzerland several years ago.

This image captures a particularly handsome looking cow from a dairy near the house where we were staying. It looked so healthy and well cared for with a smooth brown coat and bright eyes.

I liked the richness of the brown tones in this dignified portrait of a photogenic animal acquaitance of mine.

The Stranded Cow

Original photograph by Gary Feather
The Stranded Cow, in Paducah, Ky, is the home of the subject of my pixograph "Spider on Exhibit". Here Charlotte is free to spin and use the space between a window in the cafe and its screen to display her exhibit in Paducah's Lowertown Arts District.

This image has the wonderful feel of late summer sunshine and southern hospitality. It suggests an open invitation to make yourself at home on the wide front porch and enjoy a leisurely visit with friends or family.

And while you are there you can enjoy some quirky southern charm by learning the story of the cow that was stranded there, on the second story balcony, during the 1937 flood. Or you can just say "Hi!" to Charlotte for me.

Cafe Scene*

Origninal photograph by Gary Feather
This image was a revelation to me!

Taken in low light, the original image held little interest when viewed simply as a photograph. The scene was grainy, the faces fuzzy, the background indistinct. Yet there is no other way to capture a scene like this one with a pocket camera. Flash is intrusive and would wash out the details and depth of the scene.

Interestingly, with just a bit of digital darkroom processing, this scene took on the look of a painting and, suddenly, the qualities that might be seen as flaws in a photograph actually enhanced the pixographic image.

The blurred background is wonderfully atmospheric. The light that was captured in the image shimmers on the surfaces and dances like candlelight giving the scene a wonderful glow. And since intrusive photographic techniques were not used, the scene remains natural and unforced. In this way a dinner companion was able to capture the casual mood of conversation and conviviality at his own table.