A New Beginning*

This is where a show begins. Pictures lined up along the wall. A ladder. Some wires. A few people with a good eye.

In no time at all groupings come together, taking shape on the wall. Individual items are shifted and realigned for balance until a flow is established and the presentation feels right.

This image captures the bright expectation, hope and anxiety of hanging my first art exhibit at the Second Story Gallery, at the beginning of a brand new year.

I want to thank all of you who helped to make it happen. Without your help and your encouragement, your experience and your vision I could never have done this. Thank you to the Second Story Gallery Board of Governors and to all of you who came to see the exhibit. It has been a joy to meet you and work with you. Thank you for your interest in my work and for all of the wonderful feedback. This exhibit has been a great way to begin 2008!

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