Narrow Path*

Original photo by Jeff Englund
This trail near the Rowena Crest Viewpoint along the Historic Columbia River Highway is easy to hike. It is rather even, with little change in elevation. It offers some gorgeous views and in the spring I understand there are wildflowers to be seen.

In the autumn it may seem a bit bland, winding through the dry grass, but if you look more carefully you might see cattails, interesting fall foliage, a tiny green frog, and some beautiful views of the Columbia River Gorge.

Still, one of the best features is the trail itself. In a certain even serenity it leads you through what seems like a large plain field though it is high on the Rowena Plateau. Like approaching the Grand Canyon, the landscape is deceptively simple until you reach the rim of the Columbia River Gorge and realize how closely you have been traveling to the overwhelming wonder and beauty of this place.

This image captures the simplicity of the trail, the clear color of the sky and a few hints of the wonder and beauty of the view that this narrow path quietly leads you to.

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