Personal Rose Garden

Last autumn, one lovely sunny weekend, I stayed at The Inn of the White Salmon in the Columbia River Gorge.

Early the next morning, before breakfast, I found these beautiful roses blooming in the garden behind the Inn. While autumn was in the air and the leaves on the trees around the garden were brilliant yellow and russet orange these roses reminisced about the splendor of a summer garden. Still sporting tightly closed buds these fragrant flowers enticed me to spend a few quiet moments alone in a beautiful garden capturing the beauty of both summer and fall before the gray days of late autumn settled firmly over the Pacific Northwest.


Theresa said...

I love this picture. As you might be able to tell, I am going through all your pictures, much to my delight. Where is the White Salmon Inn?

Lisa said...

It's out Highway 14 in the town of White Salmon, which is sort of across the Columbia River from Hood River, OR. Check it out through the link. It is a fun place to stay!