Leaf on Rock

Sometimes all you have to do to capture a really great image is step outside your own back door.

I found this maple leaf in my backyard, on the shoe stone between my deck and my back lawn. It had turned a marvelous shade of crimson and its brilliance seemed to coax the russet tones from the slate in the rock that had been placed as a stepping stone into our garden.

In its final form, this image is one of my favorites. Its simplicity is inspiring as it highlights the astounding beauty of nature that surrounds us every day and is ours to enjoy if we will only open our eyes and really see. We needn't look far at all to have something to marvel at. The beauty of creation is just outside our own back door.

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Anonymous said...

Lisa! Your work is wonderful. I did not even know you were up to this. But it follows your natural abilities in composition and design. Kudos! I hope to see you on the fourth, and I look forward to viewing your collection.